Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Geoffrey is doing his extra bit in the new series of the Tudors, poor thing had to get up at 5 o'clock this morning to be on set early, it will be a long day and very tiring especially in the heatwave we are having at the moment. I have had to pull up my socks and get back to housework and cooking, I will try not to grumble!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Our pair of robins had disappeared a few weeks ago but are now back flying to and fro to their nest in the ivy with beaks loaded with worms. We wondered if robins reared two families.

It is really interesting and funny to watch them as they have got quite cheeky and do not fly away as much now when they see one of us in the garden or at the window in the kitchen. Most of the time they fly to the nest in stages, flying from shrub to post to shrub until they get near the nest, although the other day I saw daddy robin on the grass in front of the nest with a huge worm in his beak and when he took off vertically up to the nest he was not able to make it and had to reverse and fly back around in stages until he was near the nest and could fly in to it. They have also chased off all other birds and when some poor birds do venture into the garden they fly at them and create such a noise the visitors soon fly off.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I spent Saturday and Sunday on the boardwalk between O'Connell Bridge and The Halpenny Bridge selling my pictures and cards - with Geoffrey's help. It was not a successful weekend for me, only selling some of my cards. This was only the second weekend for this venture and I hope it picks up in the future. The weather was not very kind to us but I met some interesting people and got to talk to fellow artists and pick up tips from them, which is no bad thing.

Monday was spent recuperating!



Friday, June 19, 2009


Growing up in the countryside I am more aware of the wild life around me than city dwellers and love to see the antics of our animals friends.

Coming back on the ferry from Wales the ship was surrounded by a pod of dolphins a really lovely sight, but the image that has remained with me from my trip to Wales was the daft duck on a lake in St. Fagan's Folk Park. Watching this black and white duck lying on his back flecking his webbed feet, gently floating in amongst his upright brothers and sisters was funny to see.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Simon and I are just back from Wales having gone over to Adam to help him move houses - his new home and church.

His new house is much bigger than his last house but full of steps with a marble one leading from the hall into the diningroom which interested me. There were boxes everywhere as he has gathered a lot of stuff over the years and it will take some time for him to sort himself out. We (mostly Simon I admit) worked very hard but only made a small difference to the house. He has moved into a small terrace opposite a hugh grave yard, his two cats have settled in well but next door has five cats and there is much swishing of tails when they see them from a window!

His licensing service was a low key service which was fine as it was not too long! One of his friends from theological college came down from Bristol for the service and sat with Simon and myself during the service and it was funny to see how many people only talked to him (as he had his dog collar on) and ignored us! A coach full of parishioners from his "old" parish came to the service which was lovely.

His new parishioners are very friendly and laid on a spread for us in the church hall after the service. Watching Adam working his way through the room chatting to his new parishioners amazed me - a bit like the queen, he had a word for everyone!



Thursday, June 4, 2009


Am off today to Wales to give Adam a helping hand with moving to his new house/parish. I usually travel over to him on my own but this time Simon is coming with me as he is needed for the heavy stuff! It will be nice to have a travelling companion.