Friday, November 27, 2009


Below is one of my paintings which you will find in the exhibition opening at the Kilmantin Art Gallery in Abbey Street, Wicklow. You will also find a fantastic display of paintings and craft items, all by local artists.

We are having a gathering to open the exhibition at 5 o'clock on Saturday and if you are passing and see a happy band of people enjoying themselves do drop in and help yourself to some wine and mince pies and hopefully take something beautiful home!


Monday, November 23, 2009


Nature is really cruel.

Our blackbird had returned to our garden and he had a "wife" Geoffrey and I have been watching them these last few weeks bouncing between the shrubs and chasing each other through the long wet grass and making quite a noise. All that came to an end this afternoon. Geoffrey was watching the male blackbird hopping through the grass when suddenly there was a flurry of fur and a lot of noise and a cat shot out of the grass and bolted over the fence with the blackbird in his mouth, it happened so fast we could not do anything to save it. The poor female is just sitting on the top of the wall being very quiet, we will have to keep a good eye on her so that she does not go the same way as her mate.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As I was saying recently - bad things come in threes - they don't - they come in fours. After the heating failing and Adam's car mishap we have now been hit with two jolts in life and I am keeping them to myself!

I must now think positive and get in the right frame of mind to sell my wares on Sunday at the craft fair held every year in my home town. The fair is held every year in a local hotel in a big room with a (closed) bar in one corner of the room - guess who bags the bar every year as it is in a good position with good lighting and lots of space to hang pictures!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009


Its been a horrible week. First Adam rang to say that his car was a right off after an accident with a bollard. He was ok thankfully but in dispair as he needs his car to get around his parish. Then the heating went - again.

I have spent all week chasing heating engineers who made all kinds of promises and then simply did not arrive, all the time getting colder and colder. I was so cold that I could not paint as my hands were just too cold. Finally I asked a fellow artist friend if she knew someone and she gave me a name and we rang him on Sunday (yes I know but we were SO COLD) and he CAME AROUND a few hours later AND GOT THE HEATING GOING, the relief was mighty.

Then Adam rang to say that he had found a car, at the right price and would be mobile again in a week.

There is only one niggling thought at the back of my mind - I am superstitious, don't things come in threes?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This time of the year,getting ready for the Christmas craft fairs I take part in, I knit more than I usually do. This year I am making bracelets with a thicker wire which is very difficult to knit with. The wire is quite stiff and my hands are quite sore so I have taken a break and am enjoying painting my favourite spot in Wicklow - the harbour.

Apart from being busy with my crafts it has been a busy two weeks. Adam was home from Wales for a week and then Simon came home for the weekend. Geoffrey and I rattle around the house when we are here on our own and when the boys come home it takes a bit of getting used to! Our heating had packed up on us so it was a cold visit for both boys, although thankfully heat has been restored in the last few days.