Monday, August 30, 2010


The headline says it all! I am sitting here surrounded by piles of boxes and other bits and pieces ready for the movers.

The cats have been introduced to their travelling cage, if they only knew what they were in for! Wednesday is going to be interesting, not only have the cats not travelled in a car they have not been on a boat either! I will not be able to travel over with Adam to Sligo as I would have liked and am hoping that the cats do not make too much of a fuss on the journey.

Moving house is a nightmare, Adam has found that with his job he will have to move occasionally but he has moved three times in four years!

Roll on Sligo.


I am over this weekend to "help" Adam with his move from Wales to his new parish in Sligo. I say "help" as I am really only supervising as I am still not in the whole of my health!

Today I went to church - which I don't do very often! Adam gave his last sermon and as usual choose an unusual theme which skilfully linked into the reading for the day. Towards the end of the service the assistant minister was reading the blessings and I promise I was listening when I suddenly heard him mention Adam's mom, mentioning that I was there and wishing me and Adam well for the future, its the first time I have been greeted in church like that and it was very nice. Afterwards there was tea and chat in the church hall and Adam and I were surrounded by people wishing us well and saying how they will miss Adam, it makes your heart glad and says something for Adam's time there.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I am still struggling to get back to normal - eating wise. Because I have to stick to a bland diet with small portions my energy level is not what it should be.

Adam is coming back to Ireland in a few weeks and I am doing my best to get my energy levels up so that I can help him make his move but so far it aint looking good! The one good thing in all of this though is that I am loosing weight and continue to loose weight which I have been trying to do for some time - there is always a silver lining in everything!

I am very happy that Adam is coming back to Ireland to live and work, he will be over in Sligo which is a wee way from here and it is going to very interesting when I try to drive over to visit him as I have a habit of getting lost.