Friday, July 18, 2008


Unfortunately I missed the opening of the members exhibition in the Signal Arts Centre in Bray where I had my chinmey pots! On my way up to Dublin yesterday I called into the centre to look at the pictures and discovered to my joy that my picture had sold on the opening night, thank you customer!

I exhibit in "The People's Art Gallery" in Powerscourt Town Centre in Dublin as well as Kilmantin Arts in Wicklow so when I was in Dublin I dropped in my picture of the hens as they had not sold on the railings in Sandymount, I hope they find a good home too!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am a member of Signal Arts Centre in Bray and was lucky enough to have one of my paintings selected for the members exhibition which opened last night. I unfortunately was unable to attend the opening. The paintings are displayed in the gallery in 1 Albert Avenue and in some shop windows around Bray, as I was unable to attend the opening I do not know where my picure is displayed, so if you are walking down the main street of Bray and see a picture of chimney pots - its mine! If by any chance you are wondering where the chimney pots are - they are in Church Hill, Wicklow Town.

I often walk along streets looking up, as you see some really lovely chimney pots and tiling details on the roofs of houses and shops - mind you I do get some odd looks!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Simon updated his blog today with loads of photographs, he and his girlfriend are in Phucket at the moment. I had been waiting for him to post the photo of him eating crickets, note it does not show him actually eating them!

He rang this morning too, a feast or a famine! He sounded in great form but although he has only been away since the beginning of May he has worn out the sandals he went away with.



Havn't mentioned before but my husband has taken up acting lately! He is an extra in "The Tudors" a BBC programme being made in Ardmore Studios in Bray. He goes in most weeks for a day or two. He has to leave very early in the morning as usually he has to be there at six and he is really enjoying it. He has always had a beard and now that he is doing this he is not allowed to cut his beard or hair, which he thinks is great! Yesterday he came into the gallery to me and because it was raining he had a baseball cap on and he is quite a sight! I would love to have a photo of him all dressed up in his costume but he is not allowed to take photos so hopefully we will see him in shot when the series comes out in the autumn.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


A Crew member repairing
the sail


Made my way down to the harbour yeserday morning (Saturday) to see if the Sea Stallion was still in Wicklow Harbour and found the crew making repairs to the sails and one repairing an oar.

Myself and a few other people were milling around them, some taking photographs like myself, they must be well used to this as they just got on with what they were doing, I much prefer to take photographs (with permission of course!) of people when they are not posing for the camera. One crew member was explaining their intended route home and it seems that Portsmouth is their next stop.

Today I have not yet gone down to the harbour but intend to do so before I go to Monkstown to collect some paintings from an exhibition there.

Friday, July 4, 2008






Great excitement in Wicklow Harbour - the Sea Stallion the viking ship - is docked in the harbour. Ran down during my lunch break to see her and take some photographs. The ship is much bigger than I thought and very long. The crew look very tired and I couldn't resist taking photos of two sleeping crew. There was quite a crowd around the ship but the crew did not seem to mind, just got on with the business in hand. I went back after I had finished work and found the crew lined up for their evening meal, it smelled lovely and as the ship is mostly open deck the crew had to find spots on the quay and surrounds to eat their meal, it was raining too, although I would say after the voyage they have just finished a bit of rain on "dry land" was no problem to them. The will be leaving on the tide in the morning and I hope to be able to see them leave.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008