Sunday, January 2, 2011


Picture the scene ..........

I am fast asleep in the Rectory, its the middle of the night - I am a very light sleeper.....


"What was that!!! I shot out of bed and ran out onto the landing, the Rectory is quite large and of course not being at home I am not used to the noises this house makes - WHOOOOOOOSE! - I happened to be in front of the big window on the landing and immediately saw what was making the noise - a huge sheet of snow had just falled off the roof - "so that was what it was" - relief - I thought we were in for a burst pipe. I went back to my bedroom to share the knowledge with Geoffrey that the thaw had begun as foretold by the weather forcasters and found him fast asleep and snoring! I crept around the house and found that neither Adam or Simon had woken.

Next morning Geoffrey announces, all excited - the thaw has set in - I know already!

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