Thursday, March 24, 2011


I had a bad fright last week when Adam rang to say he had had an accident. It seems he skidded on a patch of ice or oil. He skidded across the road and ended upside down six feet down in a field. He was so lucky, he walked away from the car (which is a right-off) with only whiplash and a sore back, as he was wearing his seatbelt - it kinda puts things into perspective.

His lovely parishioners have been so good to him, taking care of him that day, lending him a car/picking him up when needed and leaving presents into the Rectory.

He came home for a few days to have a rest and we went out and about, on one of our trips we saw a small notice in a charity shop window which said "now is the time to get down on your knees to thank God for being on your feet" and we both agreed that we could not have put it better!


Anonymous said...

"Write-off", not "right-off."

helen said...

To be perfect is boring and I'm not boring!