Thursday, August 18, 2011


I spent HOURS yesterday waiting in hospital for an eye examination. Shortly after I arrived at the appointed time I had ointment put in my eyes which meant that I could not read. I always bring a book with me to my hospital appointments which means that I can sit and wait more or less happily but this time I could not read as I could not see! So - began to "people watch" - there were quite a few people waiting all around me, most on their own but a few with relations. I noticed two grown-up sons with their mothers which is nice to see. There was also a young mother with her son. From time to time a phone would ring and bored people around would prick up their ears and listen to the conversations!

The room I was in was a big waiting room with small rooms around it and every so often a patient's name would be called and it was easy to pick out the people who had been there before as they knew to sit outside the relevant door unlike the others who often had to climb over small children and bags on their way out of the waiting room.

When I was finally called, after just under TWO HOURS the examination only took about five minutes, although I was happy that I got a clean bill of health.

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