Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Geoffrey went out for his usual walk yesterday and I settled down to draw. I suddenly became aware that it was raining heavily so rang Geoffrey and asked if he was able to shelter or if he wanted me to pick him up. He been caught on the road above our house where there is no shelter so I set off in my car as quickly as I could.

I picked him up, drove back and parked outside our house but when I got out of the car I noticed that I had a puncture in one of my tyres - so much for doing my good deed for the day - I know by just looking at it that I will need a new tyre - ho hum

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Countess Marland said...

I tried to do a good deed 4 my friend Michael... we parked up at Tesco in Cavan town...he went in to do his shopping... I stayed in the car when there was a heavy downpour...I decided to move the car to the disabled bay so that when he came out he wouldn't get drenched...unfortunately he didn’t see me & I missed him coming out...he searched Tesco carpark carrying all his shopping & thought I had left...in the meantime he got a good soaking..as he headed back towards Tesco entrance I caught sight of him & rooted the horn...he bundled the shopping in the boot & climbed into the passenger seat... I was in the process of apologising & how my intentions were to keep him dry... simultaneously
I started up the engine & pressed the button to turn of the warning hazard lights but accidentally pressed the automatic sun roof...it opened fully and gave Michael another soaking Lol😀
God rest his soul And good to have memories