Monday, May 7, 2012


Woke up this morning and turned to look at the clock as usual - nothing - blank face - nuts, the electricity had gone during the night. We lay there for a while contemplating not getting up. Have you ever thought how much we rely on electricity - almost everything, it is times like that when I would have liked to have a gas cooker. Anyway Geoffrey finally got up and I followed more slowly. I wandered around upstairs while I cleaned my teeth and flicked the landing switch and lo and behold it worked! I flew down to Geoffrey (sitting in front of the blank tv) and told him about the lights working. He rang the electricity company (having previously rung them to say we had no electricity), they suggested that we unplug everything and then gradually plug them in, one at a time. I suggested that we start with the toaster as it had been taking a long time to toast. I got that look husbands give wives! Plugged it in and BANG it blew the fuse! I hated that toaster and am very glad that it can now be recycled!

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