Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yesterday Adam and I went to Sligo via Galway! We stopped to visit a friend of Adam's and then as the Volvo Yacht Race was in full swing with all the sailors and yachts in harbour we thought we would like to see what was going on. Well, we had just got out of the car when the heavens opened so we sheltered under the canopy of a stall for a while,then thinking that it had eased we moved on but it startd to rain even heavier so we sheltered in a shopping centre but as it was after 6 the shops were closed, but along with a lot of other people we thought a coffee shop might be open where we could shelter. Suddenly the security guards came and started to shout and asked us to leave, they shut all the doors and we all had to leave. We wandered through some of the nearby streets and every coffee shop was closed - WELCOME TO GALWAY - WE ARE CLOSED! When I rang Geoffrey that night he said it was warm and sunny there - grrrrrrrr

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